Coming out of the effort and

rediscovering your own authenticity


Podere San Giorgio, 16
53031 Casole d’Elsa (SI) Italy

11 - 13 OCTOBER 2024

Workshop contents

Are you creative, or do you become creative? Society leads us to believe that the correct answer is the second, but we think that the correct answer is the first.

We are all born with a natural creative potential, but often the “voices” of parents and the society that we carry within us cover ours. Our inner voice knows who we are, even if we have difficulty listening to it and trusting that there is a place for each of us in the world.

There are thousands of flowers; each has a different and unique fragrance, and each has its own place. You have yours, too!

This course strengthens the courage to be and express oneself to bring expansion and clarity to life, work and relationships.

And focused on creating your reality by listening to your inner voice and connecting with your natural talents and resources.
When you fear being yourself, you deny yourself the right to live in harmony.

Your creativity is aimed at producing masks, and your communication is aimed at pleasing the other or keeping him at a distance. You manipulate yourself and situations because, in this way, “nothing and no one can hurt you or cause damage”. And life becomes a cage.

This course supports trusting you, teaches you the keys to communicating who you are, and helps you bring your individuality and strength into the world to ride your destiny. You tune into your creative resources and learn to recognize relationship communication traps.

We use exercises in communication based on listening and conscious expression. We also use Ericksonian hypnosis exercises, and you have the opportunity to clarify relational dynamics and learn conscious communication.


Osho Miasto Institute

is an institute for meditation and spiritual growth immersed in the lush nature and splendid tranquillity of the Sienese countryside, which for almost forty years has gently surrounded and sustained the life and activities of the commune.

Osho Miasto offers a protected place to experience many techniques for personal growth through meditation, artistic and bodily expression.

What you experience

Family and Systemic Constellations

They are a powerful means of investigation. They allow us to closely observe the relationships within the systems in which we live.

The Spirit-Mind-Body system can also be observed to overcome limiting conditioning. Going beyond the voices we have learnt allows us evolution.

Inner Male and Feminine

Two energies flow within us, one male and one female.

These energies have different needs, different visions of life from each other. They are two parts that, on the one hand, interact with each other, on the other hand, they also have their own individuality.

One part could be introverted, solitude-loving, shy, studious... and the other part could be more extroverted, relationship-loving, active, organiser...

One side could be creative, artistic; the other afraid for survival, longing for security and a steady job.

Daily meditations

The days are marked by Osho's three active meditations, Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and the Evening Meeting. In addition, guided meditations, gestalt exercises, breathing and Taoist techniques led by Anurag.

Our facilitator

Siddho Marchesi

Siddho met Osho and meditation in 1978. A graduate in psychological-social sciences, she combines her cognitive experience with meditation and has been working with people for many years, conducting workshops and trainings.

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Anurag Gaeta

He leads growth groups that focus on creativity, work and profession.

In the field of management, he uses meditation and the systems approach for the improvement of relationships between individuals and the development of social creativity.

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