Life is a cycle of activity and rest.

If you observe nature, you can see that light alternates with darkness, day with night, activity with

rest in a balanced way.

Today human beings have lost contact with natural rhythms and sleep is no longer refreshing. During the night, you are not able to recover your wellbeing, inner quiet, and some smile. Overflowing thoughts and worries swerve your attention to your head, to thinking, deciding and doing everything hurriedly. So, tensions keep adding in your body. And the body is where you need to start from to regain your psychophysical balance.

Thus, you can go back to a ‘human’ rhythm and be mindful of yourself. That’s why the first leg of the journey we offer is a range of meditations and events that can help you release tensions and recover the wellbeing that sleep alone can no longer ensure. Osho created different meditation techniques for today’s human beings; thanks to them, we can release the many stressing inputs we receive every day in a short time. What’s more, these meditations will help you find yourself and your natural rhythm again.

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