A caterpillar turning into a butterfly best symbolizes transformation.

An initially disagreeable being that soon acquires a wonderful shape and an amazing beauty.

A being that at first can only crawl then becomes light and can fly. Transforming is taking back again the direction of your life, being able to observe your thoughts and emotions from a distance to open up to a deeper, truer feeling.

Transforming is regaining your spontaneity and lightness, which you, like all human beings, were endowed with when you were born, to give life a new sense you can create for yourself. Transforming is merging into the ocean of life, going beyond the feeling of separation and loneliness you risk to feel throughout your life if you don’t take care of yourself. Transforming is choosing your life direction free from any conditioning.

Take control of your life cherishing your ‘true’ destiny. Our trainings and retreats provide you with the key to your inner self and with the necessary tools to stand on your own feet in life, being able to fully express your love, creativity, emotions, inborn zest for life as well as your silence and joy.

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