Attachment patterns and trauma constellations 2024

How to create adult love relationship

with Siddho, Anurag and Arpita

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This training is an invitation to fully reconnect with your

life energy and establish true and deep relationships

Our way to relate to the world, to oneself and to life is mainly influenced by:

1 - The relationship with our parents and the transgenerational traumas in our family system. (These issues are addressed in the Family constellation basic training).

2 - the attachment strategies developed in the relationship with our caregivers during childhood.

3 - the traumatic events our body and soul have been subjected to in the course of our life.

This training integrates two topics: the understanding of our attachment strategy and the healing of trauma wounds.


The origin of our relationship dynamics can be traced back to our childhood

Our attachment pattern influences our way of relating as grown-ups; It was our way of relating to our caregivers during childhood. They had the task of supporting our development processes.

They were supposed to teach us how to regulate our emotions, how to deal with fears, how to develop empathy, how to trust and how to satisfy our needs.

The way we related to them has a deep effect on how we relate as grownups and how we deal with our shadow parts. There are different attachment patterns: at one end there is secure attachment (ground for confidence in life and trust in other people). At the other end we find insecure attachment (a possible cause of fear, dissociation and mistrust). In between we find a series of nuances.


Understanding Attachment Strategies

In this training we will discover and explore the strategy we developed in the first years of our life to ensure attention and love from our caregivers (the figure who took care of our survival).

By developing this strategy we also developed a certain personality, a kind of “mask” which has distanced us from our spontaneity.

Such strategy is unconsciously adopted and perpetuated in adult life. It often prevents HEALTHY ADULT to ADULT RELATIONSHIPS with partners, at work, in friendship and in life in general.

In this training

We will learn how trauma impacts on our nervous system. We will use specific exercises to release blocks and tensions and relax the nervous system, thus restoring our ability to self-regulate in a healthy and natural way.
All this, plus individual work with attachment and trauma constellations, will help us to restore the integrity of the Self.

We will explore and discuss the theoretical aspects of attachment and trauma strategies, and we will learn how trauma and attachment constellations work. There will be guided meditations, relaxation time, sharing and celebration.


The role of trauma in the “darkening “of the Being

The work on attachment patterns goes hand in hand with the work on the effects of traumatic events. Trauma drives the mind to create alternative survival strategies.

It results in repetitive and limiting behaviour patterns. Such mechanical patterns distance us from the full expression of ourselves and limit our potential for deep and healthy relationships.

To set the Spirit free

Under each spiritual wound, whatever the origin, is encapsulated an enormous amount of healthy life energy. Freed, it will allow the mind to calm down, the clarity and TRUE spiritual strength come back again. Freeing the spirit means getting out of the personality’s strategies. It means bringing us back to a natural state of expansion, freedom and reconnection.

Criteria for Admission

The training is open to all spiritual seeker having a basic knowledge and practice of family constellations. All participants in the 2021’s Family Constellation Basic Training or previous editions with Siddho and Anurag, are eligible. Others having the same background, but coming from different schools, can access the training after interview with the teachers.

Our facilitators

Anurag Gaeta

Anurag leads growth workshops centred on creativity, work and professions. For several years, together with Siddho, he has led together trainings in Family Constellation and Coaching for Life and other workshops.

In the field of management, he uses meditation and the systemic approach to improve relationships among individuals and develop social creativity. Combining Taoist and systemic principles, he created the Five-Element Constellations, a helpful method to re-establish balance and functioning in the psychophysical system. He founded No-Effort Management in 2003 and Osho Tao Essence Institute in Milan in 2007.

Siddho Marchesi

Siddho meets Osho and meditation in 1978. She graduated in Psychological and Social Sciences and for many years she has combined her cognitive experience with meditation to work with people and lead workshops and trainings. She is experienced in several approaches; among them are Ericksonian Hypnosis, Star Sapphire Energywork, Family and Relationship Constellations, Workshops for women only, Trauma Work and NARM (Neuro Affective Relationship Model). She works in Italy and abroad. She touches the heart of the people who meet her. In 2007 she founded Osho Tao Essence Institute in Milan..

Siddho Marchesi

Meditation and the meeting with the spiritual master Osho brings about a total change in her life, both at the personal level by taking her to Sweden, and at the working level by opening the way to work with people. In Sweden she is co-founder of an Institute for Family constellations with the aim of spreading the constellation work through professional trainings and workshops, in the design field. She works with different methods: Star-sapphire Energywork, Family and Organizational constellations, Essence Work, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing, Mindfulness and ISP Integral Somatic Psychology.

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"Every child is born happy, innocent, full of wonder. Then something happens, and all those wonderful children are lost: their innocence is destroyed. And all their happiness turns to despair. Observe a child collecting shells and coloured stones on the beach: he is happier than the richest man in the world. What is his secret? That secret is also mine. The child lives in the present moment."


Coaching for Life Training



Basic Training
The search for one's individuality and the overcoming of personality in order to live one's own life can only pass through deep work on our family tree system and thus on the system of origin.
Osho Family Constellation Training brings healing of the roots of one's family tree.

Advanced Training I
In the course of the training, we will understand what strategies each of us developed in our early years with the figure who took care of our survival.

To secure attention and love from that figure, we developed a certain personality. It took us away from our spontaneity, if in childhood such strategies allowed us to survive.

Advanced Training II

In the two modules of Advanced Training II we study and understand in depth, from a systemic point of view, the dynamics of projections, both in emotional and work relationships.
We learn to explore and give systemic responses to a client's distress through the use of Individual Systemic Constellations and gestalt techniques.

Participants practice in turn, both as facilitators and as clients.

Advanced Training III

A further step in overcoming inner division is to get to know our inner male and female polarities.
This training allows you to contact them, thus uncovering limiting conditioning and enabling you to express them. Only when you express your whole self can you be ecstatic. Ecstasy means Presence, it means being in agreement with who you are and with Existence, which wanted us exactly as we are.

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